Pianocarpet XL extended


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Pianocarpet XL Extended has been extended by 60 cm so that your piano bench stands on the Pianocarpet. Pianocarpet XL Extended is a rectangular Pianocarpet. A Pianocarpet is not a normal carpet but is equipped with ourheat shield. Placing only this heat shield under your piano does not look nice and therefore we use a carpet to incorporate this heatshield.


We can make any size and shape for you. Is your size or shape not on our site? Contact us for a quote.


A Pianocarpet protects the case and the soundboard of the piano as well as the keybed and the legs against direct rising warm air from your underfloor heating. Rising warm air extracts moisture from your piano with the consequence that the structural gluing dries out and lets loose. The solution: Place a Pianocarpet underneath your piano!


When the relative humidity in the surroundings of your piano is too low, use a Pianocarpet always in combination with a damping system like for instance a humidity tube.


Additional information; What relative humidity is good for your piano? When the pointer of the hygrometer is between 45-60%. Is the pointer lower than 45% the relative humidity is too low and a damping system can be the solution.
Source: This information is quoted from the website of the VvPN, the Dutch society of piano technicians.


You can place your piano directly on the carpet without using casters cups. Therefore, casters cups are not included when ordering a Pianocarpet. If you like to place your piano on casters cups it is possible and you can order the cups at extra costs.


It is possible that the Pianocarpet has a deviation from the stated size of max 2%

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