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Choose Fischer hygrometers for accuracy.

Fischer is a German manufacturer of measuring instruments with the highest accuracy, founded in 1945.

Fischer combines craftsmanship with proven and reliable techniques.
Hygrometers are offered that resemble Fischer hygrometers but they are not. You can recognise them by the low price and they lack the name Fischer-Made in Germany on the dial.


The ideal relative humidity for your piano is between 45 and 55%, but how do you measure that?

With a reliable Hygrometer with synthetic hair. We are happy to explain why!


We are always asked;

 "Which hygrometer is the most accurate, human hair or synthetic?"

This question is not easy to answer, because in general it cannot be said that human hair hygrometers are necessarily more or less accurate than synthetic hair hygrometers.

Since these types of questions are known to crop up with more than one of our customers, we want to take a closer look at the pros and cons of human hair and synthetic hair hygrometers in the next blog post.


When should you use a human hair hygrometer?

When choosing between human hair and synthetic hair, it should first be mentioned that the measuring accuracy of the hygrometer is less dependent on whether human hair or industrially produced hair is used.

Rather, it depends on how well the moisture-dependent change in hair length is transferred to the pointer axis of the hygrometer. The choice between real hair and synthetic hair is therefore primarily based on the use of the hygrometer: hygrometers made of real hair react quickly to changes in humidity and can also be used at low temperatures.

Such a real hair hygrometer is used at temperatures between -35°C and +65°C. Human hair devices are the only mechanical hygrometers still usable at temperatures below 0°C. All other hygrometers respond much too slowly in these temperature ranges.

However, the display stability of the human hair hygrometer is only maintained if the hair is regularly regenerated in high humidity. When used outdoors, the real hair hygrometer is regenerated almost daily due to the high night humidity. In this case, no maintenance is required.

When using the human hair hygrometer in the room climate, there is usually no high humidity, so it should be exposed to high humidity at least every 3 weeks to ensure high long-term measurement accuracy.

The “wetpacking” method is also known for this. The hygrometer is placed in a warm, damp cloth for at least 30 minutes. It is even easier to take the human hair hygrometer to the bathroom when you shower there, or to leave it outside at night, protected from the weather. In both variants there is a high humidity, which regenerates the hygrometer for human hair.

And when is a synthetic hair hygrometer most suitable?

If the maintenance effort of the real hair hygrometer is too much for you, we recommend that you use a synthetic hair hygrometer for room climate use.

It can also be used at higher temperatures between 0°C and 70°C, with the right pre-treatment even up to +120°C. For example, it is also suitable for use in the sauna.

The synthetic hygrometer is maintenance-free, so regular humidification is not necessary. However, to prolong the life of your hygrometer and always get accurate readings, we recommend doing this at least once or twice a year.

The human hair hygrometer is better suited for outdoor use with frequent high humidity. It is also a good solution for demanding customers who do not mind regular maintenance of their hygrometer. Hygrometers with synthetic bristles are preferably used indoors.

The synthetic hair hygrometer also has the same accuracy as the Human hair hygrometer. The maximum deviation is +/- 3%.

Over the past decades we have tested many systems for you. Don't be tempted to buy a cheap or digital hygrometer. The measurements of

these systems are very inaccurate/unreliable.

Place the hygrometer near your instrument.

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